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Review: Shadows Past by Lorna Freeman

January 26, 2010

The long awaited 3rd installment of Lorna Freeman’s Borderlands series, Shadows Past, is well worth the years long delay (though, even if it had been terrible, I would have loved it for giving me my Borderlands fix). The story picks up where The King’s Own left off with Rabbit and the royal party celebrating Rabbit’s name day in Freston. Rabbit has become reluctant to use his powers after the fight with the demon. To make matters worse, Lord Idwal of Mearden, the lord Hilga eso Flavan jilted for Rafe ibn Chause, has sent a offer for Rabbit to marry his daughter.

King Jusson decides to travel to Mearden to meet with Idwal and his family. However Mearden is not what they expected. They find a Border-like castle filled with depictions of the people with its own enchanted forest. They also meet a messenger sent by the Qarant and the new Turalian ambassador, someone from Captain Suiden’s past, who has a wizard as an advisor. Nothing is as it seems as secrets from the past are revealed. Rabbit learns the details of his parents’ flight to the Border, Suiden’s past, Jusson’s relationship to his mother, the late queen, and even a few of Ryson’s secrets. Rabbit begins to feel the strain of living up to everyones’ expectations. Even his aspects are doing as the will, appearing when not summoned and refusing to go away.

Ryson’s revelation was one of the biggest surprises to me. It seems that he is not just a reformed lackey. Suiden and Jusson’s secrets were the most heartbreaking, revealing how and why they became the men they are. The conversation between Jusson and Rabbit in the last chapter was one my favorite parts in the entire book. I was also glad that Suiden, Javes, and Rabbit’s troop are back after missing them for most of The King’s Own.

Covenants is still my favorite in the series, but Shadows Past has the same elements that made the first such a great read. There are foiled assassination attempts, magic, mystery, and even a little seduction. The Borderlands universe is a complex world filled with rich characters, settings, and imagery. The next novel, The Reckoning Flames, is set up nicely with another adventure to be had and more secrets to be uncovered, including what exactly Moraina saw in her farseeing. If you loved the previous novels in the series, you will not be disappointed with Shadows Past. I only wish that it was longer. Hopefully there will not be such a long wait for the next installment.


Shadows Past Update

January 19, 2010

Shadows Past by Lorna Freeman has been released early at Right now they are offering member prices on everything and there is another 10% off coupon you can apply (the coupon code is M3X9B8L). Click on Shadows Past to be linked to the website.

More News: Shadows Past by Lorna Freeman

December 16, 2009

I’m excited to say that the cover art for Shadows Past is now up on Amazon. There is also a link to buy the book for the Amazon Kindle. So here it is:

Also, Lorna Freeman finally has a blog at

News: Shadows Past by Lorna Freeman

October 15, 2009

Years ago, I took a chance on Lorna Freeman’s Covenants and fell in love with the book and its entire universe. It is one of the few books that I can read over and over and never tire of it. I even have an extra copy of the first in the series after I wore out my original copy.

Like many others, I was disappointed when Shadows Past was pulled from publication with no warning or explanation. Since then, I search Lorna Freeman’s name on and the internet for news. I even scoured the cover artist’s, Patrick Jones, website when he posted on a site that he had turned in the art for the new book and hadn’t realized that it wasn’t published. I was jumping with joy when Shadows Past was rescheduled for publication on February 2, 2010.

Now I have an even more anxious for the release of Shadows Past. Amazon has posted a product description. It’s only one sentence but its better than nothing. 🙂 So here it is:

“Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson’s heir when a man once scorned by his mother comes seeking retribution-and demands that Rabbit marry his daughter…”

It had been almost four years since The King’s Own was published and now Rabbit will finally be back!