Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

Elena and Clayton are back in the latest addition to Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, Frostbitten. After failing to warn a young Australian werewolf of the danger he is in, Elena and Clay follow him to Anchorage, Alaska. But that’s not the only reason for the trip. There have been a series of “wolf” attacks that threaten to expose the pack. Dennis and Joey Stillwell, who moved to Alaska after leaving the pack during the fight between Malcolm and Jeremy for ascension to pack alpha, have not been in touch in awhile, worrying Jeremy.

In Alaska, Elena and Clay encounter a werewolf living with wolves, a pack of Eastern European criminal mutts trying to take over, and a group of creatures out of folklore. As if that is not enough, Elena must deal with an unwelcome reminder from her past along with the pressure of learning Jeremy’s plans for her future.

Kelley Armstrong’s novels have always been some of my favorites. I love the series, but I’m glad that Frostbitten focuses purely on werewolf problems (and my favorite narrator) and not on those of the paranormal community. Learning of the fate of the Stillwells was always something I wondered at since reading Armstrong’s novellas. The twins, Logan and Kate are adorable. Reading about how Elena and Clay balance being parents with their duties to the pack was intriguing. Hopefully it will not be long until the pack is featured again as the primary subjects in future installments of the Women of the Otherworld series.

Overall, Frostbitten, was a great and quick read. Kelley Armstrong’s novels never lets me down. I also recommend her Nadia Stafford series about a female assassin (Exit Strategy and Made to Be Broken) and her young adult Darkest Powers trilogy (The Summoning and The Awakening).


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