Review: Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore

Heroes at Risk, the fourth in series, picks up right where Heroes Adrift left off. After completing the Empress’s mission, Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish return to High Scape only to learn that it is becoming a cold spot and the many of the pairs are being sent to other hot spots. Belief in magic has sprung up among the people, leading to illegal practice of spells. And to make everything worse, grave robbers are stealing ashes from cemetaries. Add to that a mysterious group who keeps inviting Lee and Taro to their meetings makes for an engaging adventure.

Taro dashes Lee’s assumption that he would leave her once they were back in High Scape. But their relationship is threatened. Lord Doran, Lee’s former suitor, seems determined to get Lee back. Some of the other pairs show contempt that Lee and Taro are together against custom do to the fact that it could destroy the working relationship of pairs if it ends badly, making them useless in diffusing natural disasters.

I am a fan of the series and love Lee and Taro, but sometimes Lee frustrates me. Her stubbornness causes most of the problems in her relationship with Taro. While Heroes at Risk is not my favorite of the series (that honor goes to Heroes Adrift), it is a solid addition to the series. I cannot wait til the next. All of Moira J. Moore’s novels go on my must buy list.


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