Review: Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

In the second installment of the Alpha and Omega series, Charles and Anna are off to Chicago. Charles goes as Bran’s representative to reassure and answer questions on the upcoming revelation of werewolves to the human population to a delegation of European packs. But at the conference, the French alpha is murdered and a group of vampires, acting as a pack, seem to want Anna.

Charles and Anna are becoming closer, both overcoming their fears to trust each other. Anna meets another omega wolf at the conference.  Tom and his mate, the white witch Moira, from “Seeing Eye,” a story in the Strange Brew anthology, make an appearance.

Hunting Ground was a good read. I love all of Patricia Briggs’s novels, especially the werewolf ones. I like seeing more about the fears and concerns of Charles and how he deals with being Bran’s enforcer. The European werewolves were interesting. Arthur in particular, with his stories of being King Arthur reincarnated and finding Excalibur. I can’t wait for the next in the series along with the next Mercy Thompson novel, Silver Borne, coming out next March.


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