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Review: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

August 30, 2009

I’m a big fan of the Vampire Academy series and the latest one, Blood Promise, does not disappoint.  In this newest installment, Rose has gone to Russia to save Dmitri from life as a Strigoi, whether he wants her to or not. She encounters a new group of people crucial to the protection of her universe’s secrets from the outside world. Dmitri’s family enters the scene, welcoming her into the family while a mysterious older Moroi tries to make her leave.

Lissa is back at the acadamy and reverting to her old (before the VA series beginning) ways of being a party girl, egged on by Avery, a new character to the story.

I must say, I absolutely love Adrian’s character now. He is always there to provide a release in tension but also support when needed.

Overall, Blood Promise was a very satisfying read. I can’t wait til the next comes out to find out how Rose resolves an issue left at the end of BP.  Richelle Mead has become one of my favorite authors, though I’ve only read her VA and Thorn Queen series.


What to Read Next…

August 20, 2009

I have an extensive TBR pile of books. When I finish a book and it is not part of a series or I don’t have a new release that I have been waiting for, I find myself standing in front of my bookshelf that holds the books I haven’t read yet. I’ll go through every book, pulling them forward to see the ones behind them. Once I have looked at them all, wondering why nothing stands out and shouts “READ ME!” and debating whether I feel like re-reading a book instead, I start reading the backs of various books and flipping through to read random pages. I know that when I bought them they sounded interesting but at that moment nothing looks good. The sad thing is, I usually like everything I read. I just need to actually read a few pages to get interested.

So one one of these occasions, I pulled out several books I bought a few years ago when my local Bookstop closed and had 60% off books. I went to to look up the reviews to decide which I would read first. They all had good reviews, but since four of the books were the first two books out of different trilogies, I decided to read the stand alone book, The Golden Hills of Westria.

The Golden Hills of Westria by Diana L. Paxson was brilliant. I feel like kicking myself everytime I finally get around to reading a book I’ve had for years and then find that I loved it. The characters were sympathetic, Johan in particular. The battle and problems of his fractured psyche kept me reading late in the night. Tragic protagonists have a special place in my heart. I love it when fantasy books depict tolerant societies. The characters visit several different cultures and climes, each a distinct civilization.

I was disappointed to learn that all of Paxson’s other novels are out of print. She does have the first couple of chapters for the sequel to Golden Hills on her website. I look forward to reading anything else she publishes and hopefully her previous novels will be reprinted or I might have to resort to buying them used.